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In the wake of the National Disaster that is the Corona Virus, we have decided that it would be prudent to cancel our May meeting. Judging will still take place remotely and club members should submit their entries as usual.

Please refer to the communication sent to members. Please contact the committee for further information.


Welcome to the Tygerberg Photographic Society Website

The Tygerberg Photographic Society (TPS) is based in Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa.


The aim of the club is promote photography, by bringing together photographers who wish to express their love for photography by taking photographs and by showing, sharing, evaluating and discussing with friends who share the same interests – those willing to learn more about photography from experts willing to share their knowledge – and those willing to share their expertise with others willing to learn more about photography.

Monthly competition meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month, January to November at All Saints Anglican Church, Durbanville. (Off Durban Road, into Baxter Avenue.)


Winning Image – “Dare to be Different” by David Barnes

Best Beginner

  • Kobus Mouton

From the desk of the chairman

Good day TygerTogs!

As I write this, we are at Day 69 of our national lockdown! It is my hope and my prayer that you and your families are safe and healthy. For most of us, there is no business as usual – even if we are back at work. It has been months since we last shook hands or hugged our friends. Many of us have not been able to visit with family members or care for anyone not living with us. This is hard, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future

It seems unlikely that large social gatherings or organized shoots will be allowed in the next few months, so many of us have had to find new ways of doing things. There have been photographers shooting clients via a remote platform, creating a new form of photographic income that did not exist a few weeks ago. In the USA, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, photographers have been offering “Front Step/Porch” (or “stoep” in South African) family shoots as their restrictions have not been as severe as ours. We cannot help but be amazed at the creativity and innovation that has arisen from this pandemic.

Here at TPS we also have great reason to celebrate! Clifford Wyeth was awarded his 5th Diamond Rating last month, and Neels Beyers achieved his EPSSA (Mille) Honours as well. Clifford and Neels, huge congratulations – your hard work and dedication has paid off! On the salon front, I am so proud of our members, as TPS features so strongly among the top contenders. I wonder if Mr and Mrs Stipp are talking to each other seeing as they are neck and neck with their salon achievements!!?? 😊 Well done everyone, TPS does it again!

I would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Joseph Inns. Joe has been a part of the bedrock of our club, laying a solid foundation for many a member – myself included. He has assisted, supported, encouraged and mentored many of our members. He has served on our committee in various roles over the years, and is always ready and willing to step in where needed. A couple of months ago, Joe was diagnosed with cancer and has opted to stand and fight it! He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is working closely with his medical team to ensure a good outcome. As a result of these circumstances, he has stepped down from the committee and will be focusing on his health and healing in the months ahead. Joe, from all of our members, we wish you well and offer you and your family, our love and support. We are cheering you on from the sidelines!

In terms of the leadership team, Andre will be stepping in to assist with Learn & Share with immediate effect, and Martin will continue to manage Photovault for now. Thanks guys, as always you are there to help out where needed!

Going forward, I would like to encourage you to consider offering your time and assistance to the running of our club. For next month, we will need someone to take over the putting together of a slideshow of the monthly images that Erwin has done, as his work commitments have increased dramatically. So, anyone with any AV experience or who would like to take this on, please get in touch with me urgently. Our annual committee election is also a few months away, and a couple of positions will become vacant so I urge you to consider taking on some of the responsibilities of running the club. I will forward more detailed information in the next month or so, but please do get in touch if you have any questions before then.

I would like to encourage you to keep shooting, practicing and learning all that you can. Stay strong, stay focused and stay healthy!

Until next time,