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In the wake of the National Disaster that is the Corona Virus, we have decided that it would be prudent to cancel our March meeting. Judging will still take place remotely and club members should submit their entries as usual.

Please refer to the communication sent to members. Please contact the committee for further information.


Welcome to the Tygerberg Photographic Society Website

The Tygerberg Photographic Society (TPS) is based in Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa.


The aim of the club is promote photography, by bringing together photographers who wish to express their love for photography by taking photographs and by showing, sharing, evaluating and discussing with friends who share the same interests – those willing to learn more about photography from experts willing to share their knowledge – and those willing to share their expertise with others willing to learn more about photography.

Monthly competition meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month, January to November at All Saints Anglican Church, Durbanville. (Off Durban Road, into Baxter Avenue.)


Winning Image – “Eva en die vyeblaar” by Barbara van Eeden

Best Beginner – Warwick Winterbach

From the desk of the chairman

I am not sure about everyone else, but for me, this month of March 2020 has felt about 4 years long! I think that each and every one of us has probably lived several lifetimes in a very short space of time.

The main topic of conversation right now is COVID-19 and its effects on the world as we know it. The amount of news articles, facts, supposed facts and hysteria on social media has had grown men and women quaking in their boots. The swing from “this is Doomsday stuff serious” to “It’s not much more than flu so why the panic” – and back again – has given many of us whiplash! But, we as a nation, have heeded the call and have headed indoors in an attempt to #flattenthecurve.

For us at TPS however, it has meant that we’ve had to innovate and use the technology at our disposal, to keep our club flying. We introduced our very first ALL DIGITAL remote competition evening ever! Thanks to the hard work of our judge (and new member) Celia Fouche, and Martin Kleingeld who manned the Photovault beast, we were able to not only get each entry its score, but also the individual commentary!! Through sheer commitment and tenacity, every entry was handled to the best of their ability, so thanks again to Celia and Martin.

Our April meeting is currently scheduled for the 22nd, and we will therefore advise the format closer to the time as we continue to observe the lockdown requirements as set out by government regarding the pandemic.

As individuals though, this lockdown has meant that we don’t just get to re-evaluate our priorities, we also get to find out who the really important people are in our lives. We get to take the time to figure out if the things we held so necessary, are really that necessary after all. We get to look inward, to reflect and to understand – perhaps for the first time – what exactly Viktor Frankl meant when he said “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”. Let us use this incredibly unique opportunity to do just that.

And as the world becomes a new and unknown place, in the midst of all this chaos, we also say goodbye to one of our dearest and most vibrant members. Christo la Grange, who was not only a very, very valued member of my support team, but he – and his wife Marleen – are incredibly important to me personally. Through their love, support and friendship, I was introduced to the world of club photography. They encouraged, teased and cajoled until I was able to put up work that was true to me. It was through many discussions and copious cups of coffee, that they persuaded me (and I am sure also many of you) to push forward with my craft despite what the world was saying at that time. And for that, I will be forever grateful. It is a debt that can never be repaid, only paid forward. Marleen, despite the fact that we cannot physically be with you at this time, please know that we hold you in our hearts as we share your incredible loss.

I am also going to take this opportunity to congratulate two of our members on their special PSSA awards . André Stipp received his DPSSA, and Sonja Grünbauer achieved her LPSSA Honours! Well done both of you!

Dear members, please also know that should you be struggling if you are on lockdown on your own, please reach out to us. All of us are just either a message or call away. Let us find our humanity and sense of community, and reach out and help those that may find this situation difficult to bear. We are here for each other. Be strong through this time, Stay safe