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In the wake of the National Disaster that is the Corona Virus, we have decided that it would be prudent to cancel our April meeting. Judging will still take place remotely and club members should submit their entries as usual.

Please refer to the communication sent to members. Please contact the committee for further information.


Welcome to the Tygerberg Photographic Society Website

The Tygerberg Photographic Society (TPS) is based in Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa.


The aim of the club is promote photography, by bringing together photographers who wish to express their love for photography by taking photographs and by showing, sharing, evaluating and discussing with friends who share the same interests – those willing to learn more about photography from experts willing to share their knowledge – and those willing to share their expertise with others willing to learn more about photography.

Monthly competition meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month, January to November at All Saints Anglican Church, Durbanville. (Off Durban Road, into Baxter Avenue.)


Winning Image – “Nature in satin” by André Stipp

Star advancement – 4 to 5 Star

  • Erwin Kruger-Haye

From the desk of the chairman

This month’s newsletter heralds nearly 5 weeks of lock down for us here in South Africa, or simply put – what feels like 8 years, 37 months, 89 weeks and 2 days – or thereabouts……………..

We know that being in lockdown is a huge step towards “flattening the curve” and helping contain the spread of the Corona Virus, but for many it also highlights anxiety, loneliness and a disconnect from others.

There has been many a call, especially on social media channels, to take this time to get organized, make plans, practice your skills and learn something new. Please don’t take these to heart, because for many of us this is a time of vulnerability, apprehension, and even depression – and the mere thought of trying to live up to those social media posts just serves to drive us deeper under the duvet. Don’t be laden with guilt if you can’t get around to taking any pictures or editing anything. Don’t feel “less than” because you cannot concentrate on a tutorial or lack the energy to finally catalogue your files.

It is okay to not be okay. Please do reach out if you are struggling. The one thing about TPS is that we are a family and we care for one another.

I want to urge you to take time out, to rest and refresh, to connect with those you care about. This time we have now should be about you and your self-care. If you have the energy to get organized, do so. If you feel ready for action and want to dive into a tutorial – create a splash, but on those days where your PJ’s and slippers is all you can manage, wear them with pride!

This time of lockdown has brought about other challenges as we create our “new normal”. We have not been able to gather together for a Learn & Share, meet up with some fellow photographers for a quick shoot, nor get together for an evening where we present our work for assessment and critique. These restrictions have forced us to get creative with remote judging and place a huge amount of work on a handful of our members to make that happen. For that, we thank you Martin for everything that you do with regard to Photovault.

New for us this month, was the first attempt to showcase all the image submissions and their results to our members while we are stuck at home. Erwin spent a good number of hours putting together a slideshow, which was then uploaded to YouTube so that everyone could access it. Judging by the overwhelming feedback I have received from you, I think we can declare this project a success! Thank you Erwin! To upload comments for each image will depend on whether the judge actually has the time to type out any for each image, and then whether the easy transfer of those comments to the slideshow program will be possible.

During April I also participated in a live streamed competition evening for Swartland Club, where I was their judge for the evening. It truly was a fun experience and I was grateful to be a part of that. Luckily for them, they have a few folk whose day jobs are IT based and they have the software and the technology to make this possible.

In conclusion, I also want to pay tribute to Christo la Grange, who won his very first International Gold Medal just shortly before he passed away. Congratulations my friend, we are certain that Marleen will be polishing that spectacular medal for you.

To all our incredible TygerTogs, be gentle with yourselves (and those who are locked down with you!) and take the opportunity to enter salons and participate in our Facebook Cellphone Challenge.

Stay home, stay safe!